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The Art of Myth and Fairy Tale

New Additions:

Harold Gaze: Eight fairy and fantasy prints by Harold Gaze

Kay Nielsen: Story of a Mother

John Bauer: Princess in the Forest

Arthur Rackham: Unpublished Fairy by Arthur Rackham

Artsy Craftsy and Art Passions look more like each other as time goes on. Artsy Craftsy is where to buy art prints for the art you find on Art Passions. Artsy Craftsy fine art prints fall in a wide circle of mythic and fairy tale themes around artists we like. We focus on Golden Age illustrators and Preraphaelite artists, but sometimes another artist wins our heart and we can't resist.

We have some things you won't find anywhere else, but we're admittedly niche-y so if we don't have what you want, ask us and we'll try to help. We offer quality 100% cotton rag art paper with archival inks and we ship within a day or two.

Are you looking for the fairy tale story tiles? Find them at William Morris Tile.


Art Prints by Artist

edmund dulac
arthur rackham
virginia frances sterrett
florence harrison
harold gaze
gustave doré
jessie m. king
anne anderson
kay nielsen
john bauer
evelyn de morgan
william morris & co.
maxfield parrish
warwick goble

If you don't know the artist, you can identify by style

New! Edmund Dulac illustrations to Daughters of the Stars and Arthur Rackham illustrations to Poor Cecco.

Art Prints by Subject

preraphaelite art
mythical beasts and fairy tales
arabian nights
les tres riches heures
victorian fairies

Art Passions: If you are looking for an educational resource with biographical information, a few fonts, colorng pages to print out, Art Passions offers more exhaustive but not inclusive online gallery of fairies and fairy tales, online stories, more artists, and not much selling. On both sites, we try to give you real stuff you want. We hope you find what you're looking for.

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Poppy Fairy by Harold Gaze art print Cornflower Fairy by Harold Gaze art print Princess in the Forest, by John Bauer art print Kay Nielsen, Story of a Mother art print Girl Beside a Stream by Arthur Rackham He Found Her Hiding in a Tree, John Bauer Real Princess by Edmund Dulac Edmund Dulac, Dreamer of Dreams Maxfield Parrish: DaybreakGustave Dore, Enigma Gustave Dore, Enigma Arthur Rackham, Pandora John Bauer, Princess TuvstarrFlorence Harrison, Rapunzel Virginia Sterrett, Arabian NightsGustave Dore, The Divine Comedy

Art Tiles and Murals

Artsy Craftsy artists on tile: Some of the prints here are also available in tile; more will be added. If it's already available in tile, you'll see a link on the print page. If it isn't and you have your heart set on it, just ask and we'll do our best. Not every print will look good in tile, but if it won't, we'll tell you. In addition, you might want to see:

English Arts and Crafts Tile: William Morris Tile offers primarily tile in William Morris and William De Morgan designs for Morris & Co. but also some Preraphaelite interests such as medieval and fairy tale themes. William De Morgan, Philip Webb and other Morris & Co. designers, as well as tile murals and panels by their contemporaries, primarily the second-wave Preraphaelites. Also kind of new.

Fairy Tale Tile: Most of the prints offered here can be made into individual tiles or murals. Find out more here.

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