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Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, Solomon Caw Reads a Map, Arthur Rackham

How to Use the Site Map

Art Prints: If you know the artist, you'll find each heading below links to an overview page. The overview page lists any pages with art prints from a particular book by that artist, as well as a few prints that didn't form a large enough group for its own subpage. For example, You can purchase Mermaids Playing in the Surf print from the Overview page because I don't have enough Jessie M. King prints from that edition. But her mermaid illustration to The Fisherman and His Soul will be found on the subpage for Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales.

Search: If you know the title or keyword, use the search links to locate the page you are looking for. For example, if you found this page via a search engine query on the keyword troll, you can get to pages that have the word troll in the page title or heading by using the search script from the top of this or most other pages. However, if you also know that John Bauer is the artist, you can go directly to the Bauer section by clicking on his name below. Have a great time!

Stories, Albums, and Other Resources: Gateway pages will also contain links to Art Passions stories, albums, and other fairy tale resourcesas well as the detailed art print listings.

Art Print Catalog by Artist and Book

Follow the link to the artist page for links to book pages.

Anne Anderson

Arthur Rackham

John Bauer

Edmund Dulac

Gustave Doré

Harold Gaze

Emma Florence Harrison

Recent Changes: There were more than 1000 pages of prints and it was a nightmare to maintain so I didn't. Instead of having a single page for every illustration / art print, I've organized them by author and book so broken inlinks will be taking you to this page often for awhile. Not all prints are back, but are on their way. I'm updating this page as I finish major update sections and new additions.

  • For images only, all but a very few images are up in the Art Passions albums.

  • For art prints, the easiest way is to follow the artist link below. You can also use the print search function to locate an artist/book combination. It won't take you to a particular image, however, because it only searches titles and headings. It will, however, head you in the right direction and it won't timeout.