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Les Tres Riches Heures

Labors of the Spring Months

Calendar Descriptions of the Spring Months

The Chateau de Dourdan.  Labors of the Months from the Book of Hours of the Duc de Berry, April

April: The Chateau de Dourdan

A portion of the Duc de Berry's precious objects was deposited in this chateau. On the lake, two fishing boats are trailing a net, and in the garden, the fruit trees, trimmed and bound, are beginning to bloom.

April, the honor of the woods
And of the months
The sweet expectation....

Girls are gathering spring flowers in the meadow, and lovers are exchanging the ring which plights their troth.


The Town of Riom.  Labors of the Months from the Book of Hours of the Duc de Berry, May

May: The Town of Riom

This was the capital at the old Duchy of Auvergne and one of the fiefs of the Duc de Berry. The First of May was a great festival day for the Court of France. With musicians at their hand, the young people have formed a cavalcade and are rambling over the countryside. They are crowned with clusters of leaves. Three of the horsewomen are clas in the "livery of May" made of that "gay green" cloth which Charles VI liked to give his intimates at springtide. Leading the procession is an elegrant horseman, possibly a prince of the blood, wearing the colors of the King of France at this period, half red and half black and white.


The Palace and Saint-Chapelle.  Labors of the Months from the Book of Hours of the Duc de Berry, June

June: The Palace and Saint-Chapelle

These two Parisian landmarks are represented s the Duc de Berry saw them from the windows of his Hotel de Nesles, situation on the Left Bank of the Seine. The towers of the Conciergerie, the Clock Tower, and the two gables of the great hall at the Palace may be easily recognized. Between the building and the wall of the crenelated enclosure, clusters of flower and foliage are to be seen. At the left, a curious postern gives on the Sceine, and in the foreground, the hay is being cut.

Source: Verve, the French Review of Art, No 7, Vol 2, April-July 1940. Text by Henri Malo. Small bits of quoted French were translated by me.

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The Book of Hours spring months: April, May, June

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