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Les Tres Riches Heures of the Duc de Berry

Labors of the Summer Months

Calendar Descriptions of the Summer Months

Chateau de Poitiers.  Labors of the Months from the Book of Hours of the Duc de Berry, July

July: The Chateau de Poitiers

Built at the end of the twelfth century and reconstructed by the Duc de Berry, this chateau is enclosed in a triange between the waterways, the Clain and the Boivre. The elegant gables on the inner courtyard may be seen, and the layout of the wooden drawbridge provides curious information on the way the military engineers handled this instrument of defense. The harvesters, armed with sickles, are reaping the wheat, while the sheperds are engage in shearing the sheep.


Chateau D'Etamps.  Labors of the Months from the Book of Hours of the Duc de Berry, August

August: The Chateau D'Etamps

In the Duc de Berry's time, as today, this chateau's keep rose in quadrilobular form over the surrounding countryside. Some peasants are harvesting, others are bathing. Gentlemen and ladies are setting out for the hawking. The falconer, who is on foot, has a decoy hanging from his belt and carries two birds in his hand.


Chateau de Saumer.  Labors of the Months from the Book of Hours of the Duc de Berry, Septembers

September: The Chateau de Saumer

What subsists today of the Chateau de Saumer shows that the complete edifice is represented here with scrupulous accuracy, and gives us confidence in the Limbourgs' paintings of other monuments which have disappeared since their time. Towers are surmounted by fleurs de lys, which are to be seen in the embrasures of the battlement and beneath the call weathervanes. At the left, an enormous pyramidal chimney indicates the position of the kitchens.

Vintagers are gathering the grapes from which the celebrated wine of Saumar is made. September was composed and drafted by the Limbourgs, but the coloring of the foreground is by Jean Colombe.

Source: Verve, the French Review of Art, No 7, Vol 2, April-July 1940. Text by Henri Malo. Small bits of quoted French were translated by me.

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